Superstar Wake Up: Ronaldo’s epic response to Dwyane Wade

When Cristiano Ronaldo wakes up...

After nailing the Mannequin Challenge, Cristiano Ronaldo now owns the ‘Raise It’ competition on Poker Stars. Dwyane Wayde, you’ve been served!

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a fun competition going by the hashtag #RaiseIt on social media. Everyone can participate in the #RaiseIt trend by submitting their video on Celebrities are no exception and the rule of the game allows you to nominate or respond to someone’s stunning trick.

On Wednesday, basketball superstar Dwyane Wade posted a video of himself waking up from bed. In the clip, his alarm sound goes off. Curiously, there is a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo on his bedside table.

Dwyane Wade has Cristiano Ronaldo's photo on his bedside table

With an eye mask on and like the pro that he is, the Chicago Bulls player picks up a mini basket ball and throws it behind. It goes straight into the mini basket pinned to the wall! Stunning.

“Did I make it, Cristiano? I wasn’t looking,” Dwyane asks on Twitter. You be the judge:

Are you impressed? Well, as for Cristiano Ronaldo, not so much! World Football’s highest earning player has responded to his celebrity friend in epic fashion. Epic, yes; because ripped abs always are!

Now that’s how you raise it!


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