Cristiano had GF Georgina explore Portugal for his birthday

Ronaldo takes GF to Portugal

The Real Madrid star took his model girlfriend to his home country on the day of his 32nd birthday.

The Portuguese skipper was unable to bang in goals against Celta Vigo on Sunday due to the game’s postponement, but he surely managed to check some personal goals off his list. The romantic relationship between Ronaldo and Georgina keeps growing stronger with each passing day.

After being spotted at a few famous recreational scenes, which includes a Justin Bieber concert and Disney World France, the next destination for the many adventures of the pair was the Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. This time, the duo were accompanied by Ronaldo’s ever-present best pals Miguel Paixão and Ricardo Regufe.

Ronaldo and Georgina at Disneyworld Paris
A disguised Ronaldo at Disney World Paris with Georgina Rodriguez

The Yeatman Hotel, to be precise, is where the 32-year-old took his plus one to spend some quality time together as they marked his birthday. Located at the North of Portugal, the plush Yeatman Hotel overlooks the City of Porto and gives its indwellers a lucid view of the Douro River.

Yeatman hotel
The Yeatman Hotel gives visitors an overview of the City of Porto. [Image Credit:]
Dubbed ‘The Best Boutique Hotel in Portugal’, it presents itself as a perfect vacation destination with its state-of-the-art aesthetics. An indoor pool and a hot tub integrated into specific suites are classically designed to provide an atmosphere of relaxed and sophisticated individuality to occupants.

Yeatman Suite
Yeatman is dubbed ‘The Best Boutique Hotel in Portugal. [Image Credit:]
Yeatman hotel portugal Yeatman hotel suite

Having experienced first-hand taste of glitz and glamor thanks to their line of professions, the Yeatman was ideally befitting for the love birds. And if one is to read in between the lines, this trip to Portugal might have offered the potential Mrs. Ronaldo some insight about her boyfriend’s culture.

The pulchritudinous model is from Spain, and despite her country being in close proximity to Portugal, there are still certain cultural traits that are mutually exclusive. However, unlike previous girlfriends, the 22-year-old seems to be in a very good relationship with her lover’s family who will be more than willing to educate her when the need be.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his family
Georgina with The Ronaldo’s at the FIFA Football Awards Gala

Georgina has been pictured on multiple occasions in the company of Ronaldo’s mother Dolores and sisters Katia and Alma Aveiro. She also had the opportunity to spend time together with them as the whole family made a trip to the Madrid forward’s hometown, Funchal, back in January.

Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez with Ronaldo and his friends in Funchal

Since first meeting at the Dolce and Gabbana party, the two Iberians have remarkably grown fond of each other. Georgina, who works for the Italian fashion company, was spotted by the Real Madrid superstar in the VIP section during an event back in November 2016. The couple dated in secret for a while before going public with their relationship for the very first time at FIFA’s Football Awards in Zurich.

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