Rest and nutrition; the backbone of Ronaldo’s form

Rest and nutrition crucial to Ronaldo's form

Cristiano Ronaldo looks set to finish the season without much injury for the first time in a while.

At the moment we don’t have a version of Cristiano Ronaldo who plays 3000+ minutes a season, stresses on playing every single game and fumes when he’s substituted mid-way inside a very crucial game.

We don’t have a Cristiano Ronaldo with a well-built upper body and legs who torments defenders with his strength and pace. Make no mistake, those qualities being less prominent doesn’t mean they’re not existent. Trust us, all his abs and quads are intact.

What we do have is a player who has intelligently managed his fitness and has recognized the need to limit his physical workload. According to Sky Sports’ Guillem Balague, the four-time Ballon d’Or has even trimmed off 3 kilograms from his total weight in order to prolong his playing days.

“You can see he seems leaner than he was when Real won the Champions League final in Lisbon.

“He has lost 3kg, rest and nutrition have been absolutely crucial.

Cristiano Ronaldo

“I know he has stopped doing the muscle building in his upper body,” Balague expressed.

“He is working harder on muscles that allow him to keep his explosive pace.”

It is no surprise that the 32-year-old out-performs all his teammates whenever he returns after being rested for a game. And, of course, it is Real Madrid that is benefiting greatly at the moment as the club is on track for domestic and continental glories.

After scoring a brace in Real Madrid’s 4:1 win over Celta on Wednesday, the Portuguese superstar was quick to spare a few kind words for his manager Zinedine Zidane, for the role he’s played in keeping him in shape.

“Zidane has helped me a lot to be prepared like this in the final stretch of the season by resting me.

“I will decide everything now.

“Zidane has managed this very well. We have a great roster. He saved me a lot this year by resting me and keeping me fresh.

“I am delighted to be helping the team get closer to titles, win games.”

With the help of his coach and teammates, Ronaldo is proving that age is just a number. It’s an open secret. Eat well, rest well and slay your demons when you wake up!

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