Cristiano’s twins are BOY and GIRL not two sons

Cristiano Ronaldo father of boy and girl twins

CONFIRMED: Cristiano Ronaldo’s twins are one boy and one girl. How did the international press get this wrong?

In Portuguese, “filhas” means daughters and “filhos” translates as “sons”. But in a group of mixed genders, if one of the children is a male, then the group is referred to as “filhos”. However, via Google Translate, one would get “sons” as the result. We suspect that many based their report on the automatic translation of Ronaldo’s Facebook post instead of resorting to research.

Have a look at where, how and why the media might have fallen into the “Lost in Translation” trap:

Ronaldo's statement on Facebook about his twins FILHOS

How many sons does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

In one word: TWO.

As we reported at C. Ronaldo Daily three weeks ago, the twins are a boy and a girl — not two sons. As per SIC Noticias, they go by the name Mateo and Eva. While we await Cristiano Ronaldo to confirm their exact names, their genders have been confirmed.

In the picture tweeted by Cristiano Ronaldo on Thursday, the father of three holds his cute newborn babies. One is dressed in blue. The other in pink. Cristiano Ronaldo has two sons and one daughter. Three children in all.

False reports from the American, English, Indian and South African press: 

Have a look at the heartwarming picture of Cristiano Ronaldo holding his two babies:

Image credit: @Cristiano


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