3 questions on Ronaldo’s pregnant GF’s wine controversy


Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, was seen holding a tall glass of wine while enjoying the Sporting-Tondela game last Sunday.

The 23-year-old model traveled to the Estadio Jose Alvalade to witness the boyhood club of her boo who was suspended for Real Madrid’s game with Real Sociedad last week. The pair were seen enjoying the action in the VIP section at the stadium but a controversy from fans of the football superstar emerged after his pregnant girlfriend was seen with a glass of wine.

According to the Portuguese paper Flash, the cause of their unrest is simple; why would the pregnant Georgina Rodriguez put the well-being of the couple’s unborn child at risk by consuming what they perceive to be an alcoholic wine? Seriously though, we all could have saved each other some quiet by just focusing on that gigantic diamond ring on Gio’s finger.

Georgina Rodriguez drinking wine at Sporting match

Fans angry at pregnant Gio for drinking wine

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I believe that should have invoked the curiosity of fans and brought forth questions surrounding a potential engagement, wedding, et al. Anyway, since that is seemingly irrelevant, why don’t we logically assess the whole premise of Gio presumably boozing.

First and foremost, a big thumbs up to the persons whose “special pair of eyes” were able to detect the alcohol in the wine. Truly, their keen analysis to arrive at that inference, although extremely commendable, is simultaneously flawed.

The sheer notion of the content of the class being red doesn’t necessarily qualify it as wine. It is no rocket science that one must certainly taste the content first before that theory can be valid no matter how it looks.

Moving on, does anyone genuinely think Cristiano Ronaldo, as responsible as he is, would agree to and encourage the mother of his soon-to-be-born daughter to drink the same substance that caused the demise of his father?

Ronaldo's girlfriend criticised for drinking wine
Ronaldo, Gio, Semedo and Miguel Paixao looking on at the José Alvalade Stadium

The Portuguese player himself is noted for his strict policy of not consuming any fluid that causes intoxication, neither does he take in drugs. Therefore, why would he urge the love of his life to do the same knowing very well that it wouldn’t end well for her or their unborn child? Again, there is a huge void behind the reasoning that she is possibly drinking alcohol.

Finally, is there any new scientific theory that bans pregnant women from consuming wine? I am surely not a doctor but from the small scientific knowledge I have acquired thus far, drinking a glass or two of non-alcoholic red wine is essential during pregnancy.

Aside flushing out toxins from the mother’s system, it also helps the mental development of the child in the womb. The condition, just as stated above, is to make the consumption very moderate.

In that regard, I would urge all the fans chastising Georgina Rodriguez for wanting to bring forth a healthy baby to properly do their research rather than resort to ad hominem quips on a subject they have inadequate facts on. Ignorance may be bliss but only a few really pay attention to people who aren’t well adorned with knowledge on sensitive subjects as this one.

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