This Cristiano goal vs Parma, canceled by VAR, is dividing opinions


According to VAR, Cristiano Ronaldo’s head was ahead of Bruno Alves’ left knee.

On the opening weekend of the 2019/20 Italian Serie A campaign, Cristiano Ronaldo thought he had doubled Juventus’ lead in the 34th minute. However, after wild celebrations, VAR disallowed his goal. On Twitter, the high-tech system stole the show. Here’s a collection of a few tweets:

@colinwright89 writes: “Jeepers oh we’re really clutching at straws with offside now. Rule was originally to prevent strikers poaching, now it’s just ruining the game.”

@robtmufc writes: “You can score with your shoulder so in the eyes of var he’s off.”

@Moroc_Mole writes: “So you’re offside if any part of your body you can play the ball with is advanced? OK, so why is the line to the defender’s knee, and not his shoulder? Ronaldo is onside.”

@NormHullTX writes: “Instant replay and VAR were to correct blatant misses, not micro corrections. It’s ruining and making all games longer.”

@Mo1983Cantes: “We may hate it, but according to the rules of the game, CR7 is offside.”

Watch the goal and judge for yourself:


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