Georgina Rodriguez is the dream home-based working mom

Working mom Georgina Rodriguez with Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, Mateo Aveiro, Eva Aveiro, and Alana Martina Aveiro.

She’s shy, but the rare interviews she grants the media would make you adore her even more.

Georgina Rodriguez is making the most of one of her biggest luxuries which is none other than her advantage to work mainly from home without encountering the financial struggles which many work-from-home professionals experience in the freelancing world. Besides the fact that living with Cristiano Ronaldo automatically cancels any budgetary constraints, Gio has her own businesses going on.

As a fashion model and influencer, the 25-year-old — whose Instagram audience has surpassed 12 million followers — is aware of how blessed she is compared to the average working mom subject to stressful 9-to-5 routines.

“The good thing about my work is that I can upload photos from home, and advertising campaigns are a maximum of two days away in a row,” Ronaldo’s partner told The Sun in a recent interview.

“I try to be more in the house than outside. I spend more time with my children than most mothers. There are jobs that make it easier to be at home,” she admitted.

So how does Gio spend most of her time in Ronaldo’s gigantic 8-bedroom house in Turin? She revealed that her days begin by waking up the kids and getting them ready for breakfast. Playing with the four cuties and cooking lunch for them is also part of her routine. No chef needed. The Spanish lady has skill in the kitchen.

“When I organize my calendar I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. They come first.”

Georgina Rodriguez is understandably appreciated among Cristianites. Fans of CR7 were conquered from the start as Gio treated — and still treats — Cristiano Junior, Eva and Mateo as if they were her own children although it is reported that all three were born through surrogate mothers in the United States.

In November 2017, Gio gave birth to the power couple’s first child together, Alana Martina, and it looks like more babies are on the way!

Cristiano Ronaldo is visibly proud of the beautiful and caring home-based working mom that helped him go through the Kathryn Mayorga case before the latter was dismissed for lack of tangible evidence. Alongside his four kids and the cat, Gio is the face of Ronaldo’s Instagram profile. Family goals.


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