Cristiano Ronaldo is an uncle again after Katia Aveiro, 42, gives birth


Uncle Cristiano Ronaldo has welcomed his third niece!

Ronaldo was quite young, the first time he became an uncle to a niece. That was way back in 1999, three years before he broke onto Europe’s scene, as Alicia Beatriz Aveiro was born to big brother Hugo Aveiro.

The second time was when big sister Elma Aveiro gave birth to her only child, Eleonor Caires. She was born in February 2005, just two days after Cristiano Ronaldo’s 20th birthday.

Fast forward and after Ronaldo’s powerful transformation both on and off the pitch across the last 14 years, another niece has added her name to the 34-year-old’s family tree. She is Valentina Aveiro, daughter of Cristiano’s second sister, Katia.

“Your family is crazy to see you, your grandmother has even bought clothes not knowing if you like blue or pink. Your brothers are crazy to kiss you,” Ronaldo’s sister expressed earlier this year as she announced her third pregnancy.

Katia has two sons via her previous union with ex-husband Jose Pereira: Rodrigo Pereira Aveiro, 19, and José Dinis Pereira Aveiro, 8. Newly-born baby Valentina, however, is the fruit of her relationship with Brazilian boyfriend Alexandre Bertolucci Jr.

It is understood that the latter is the business partner of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 42-year-old sister; they oversee the operations of family asset ‘Casa Aveiro by Dolores Aveiro’ in Brazil.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister had been flaunting her pregnancy and curvy body on social media… hard to believe she’ll be turning 43 in October this year!

Katia Aveiro’s heartwarming message on Instagram, presenting the birth of baby Valentina Aveiro, read:

“And when we think that our hearts are full, exhausted with so much love, there comes a drop in the form of a human of almost 3.5 kg and 51 cm long, born through normal birth.

“Thank God for letting me see that I still have so much to live and learn!!!! And especially to love with all my (our) strengths… Completely in love with my daughter…

“Yesterday, August 27th at 20:30, another piece of me was born (from us, myself and daddy).

“Thank you all for the messages. Now, it’s time to take care of her and of myself… Because there’s so much out there that I want to teach her and tell her.”


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