Ronaldo disguised with wig! ‘Chi’ release paparazzi pics

[Image credit: Chi]

Gossip magazine ‘Chi’ have released pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo, curiously disguised with a wig and accompanied by a new girlfriend.

Apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently dating Madrid-based model Georgina Rodriguez. The pair is believed to have met at a Dolce Gabanna event.

Recently, they enjoyed some time off in Paris. Wearing a wig, a baseball cap and large sunglasses, Cristiano Ronaldo certainly hoped to go unnoticed in the streets of the French capital.

However, ‘Chi’ managed to get hold of a couple of shots.

Can't hide. Sorry, Ronaldo!
Can’t hide. Sorry, Ronaldo!
Yet another reply to Atletico's Koke who claimed that Ronaldo is a "fa**ot"?
Yet another reply to Atletico’s Koke who claimed that Ronaldo is a “fa**ot”?

‘Chi’ have a reputation of being annoying paparazzi. Back in 2013, they shared pictures of a pregnant Kate Middleton in a bikini during vacations in the Caribbean. A year earlier, they did worse as they released embarrassing photos of the Duchess of Cambridge; this time, with no bra at all. The Italian gossip mag further boasted about possessing over 200 shots of Kate appearing topless.

What is ‘Chi’ up to? Will they pursue Cristiano in his private life dealings? For the sake of avoiding distraction and raising Cristiano Ronaldo Junior in the best way possible, let’s hope that Ronaldo will stay clear from the tabloids.



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