Chapecoense Tragedy: Fire Ronaldo’s social media manager!

What the hell? The day's first post after the Chapecoense plane crash. Cristiano Ronaldo's social media manager must be fired!

Whoever manages Cristiano Ronaldo’s social media accounts must be fired… and right now! Ignoring the Chapecoense Plane Crash tragedy is unforgivable!

Earlier in October, Cristiano Ronaldo’s social media management team showed a lack Online Reputation Management skills when they did nothing to appease angry Buddhist fans. Yes, CR7 had apparently unintentionally provoked fury among his large Asian Buddhists fanbase after posting a picture of himself putting one foot on top of the giant Buddha statue in his backyard.

As if that religion-related incident wasn’t enough, Cristiano Ronaldo’s social media management team is at it again! This Tuesday, the world of football has been rocked with tragic news of the plane crash which killed 76 people (and counting) as Brazilian team Chapecoense was on board.

It must be noted that Real Madrid carried a minute silence for the victims during this morning’s training session. Ronaldo was part of the squad.

However, instead of individually sharing a thoughtful message to console victims of the Chapecoense plane crash, Ronaldo’s first post of the day showcases him “posing like a boss” with colleagues Sergio Ramos and Brazilian defender Marcelo among others.

Cristiano Ronaldo's first social media post of the day after Chapecoense plane crash.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s first social media post of the day after Chapecoense plane crash.

One thing is certain: now is not the time for social media’s most followed athlete to share such a post. Inevitably, the reaction of fans says it all:

Jorge Lux: “I think the moment is very bad to publish such a joke, especially when you’re the best in the world! Think about it.”

Leandro Moura: “Man, where is the solidarity for Chapecoense??? Be more humble, Ronaldo.”

Matheus Reis: “Cristiano Ronaldo is really showing a lot of ignorance, right now. Not a moment to have such a post… #ForcaChape.”

Daiane Silva: “I agree. In contrast to Ozil, Poldi, Neymar among others [who have posted their condolences on social media].”

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