CR7 Crunch Fitness review: Ronaldo’s latest franchise opportunity

CR7 Crunch Fitness Ronaldo, Ronaldo opens new workout gym business.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest franchise, a fitness center, could become an avenue for entrepreneurs and investors to make considerable gains.

It’s almost magical how Ronaldo manages to juggle the demand and pressure associated with playing and living a celebrity life like his. Almost a real-life Superman, the 31-year-old Portuguese maintains his status as the best player on the pitch, is the greatest dad to Cristiano Jr whiles he runs his CR7 branded businesses.

Many may envy the luxurious lifestyle acclimated to his name but what many mostly overlook is the fact that the four-time Ballon d’Or winner is a business-minded workaholic. With his passion for the game and his worldwide recognition, Cristiano Ronaldo is gradually forging an attractive brand.

After opening his own museum in his home Madeira, a chain of hotels worldwide in collaboration with Pestana Group, and other ventures, the ex-Manchester United player’s latest establishment is one he’s quite familiar with: a gym.

The superstar forward, aside his dazzling performances on the field of play, is also noted for his incredible physic. Once linked with a career in modelling in Hollywood, Ronaldo is quite critical of his body shape.

As such, with his own self as the epitome of a potential end product, the Real Madrid superstar forward is giving admirers the chance to possess a look like his. The gym is a concept birthed as a result of a merge between America-based bodybuilding firm Crunch Fitness and Ronaldo’s CR7 brand.

Let’s take a journey through the CR7 Crunch Fitness…


“LIVE LIFE FIT” being the gym’s slogan, CR7 Crunch Fitness provides a hub where open-mindedness and diversity without discrimination reigns supreme.

There’s no limit as to what one can do as soon as one walks through the front doors of the gym. Regardless the difficulty level, one can attain any set goals with the right work ethic.


The CR7 Crunch Fitness sits at Maria de Molina, an industrial suburb in the Spanish capital, Madrid.


Although it’s a new establishment, CR7 Crunch Fitness is already making waves on social media. The venture’s Facebook page has almost 3,500 followers as of the creation of this review. The set-up has a 4.7-star rating from customers’ reviews.

However, the YouTube channel, the Instagram page and the Twitter account (which is currently operating in Spanish only) are relatively young and subject to growth as time goes on.

Cristiano Ronaldo flexing his muscles after sealing Real Madrid's Champions League triumph.
CR7 Crunch Fitness is a good option if you want to have a god-like body like Ronaldo’s!


Run under hygienic conditions, the spacious gym is equipped with ultramodern machinery and equipment almost identical to the ones used by Ronaldo in his home. The gymnasium boasts of personal trainers who are handy in giving assistance to trainees.

The gym also has a roster favorable to both the early-risers and the late workers. The Maria de Molina facility opens at 7:00 am and closes late at 10:30pm.

Provision has also been made to accommodate persons who are only available to workout on weekends. There are four classes in the CR7 Crunch Fitness facility. Workout routines are dictated by the type of class one is enrolled in.

  • General Fitness: Both amateur and pro-bodybuilders are enrolled here.
  • Personal Training: Suitable for persons seeking one-on-one guidance in workouts.
  • Camp Crunch: Hosts small group sessions for trainees. Here motivation is key.
  • Class-IC Training: Similar to the Camp Crunch class but has a relatively larger class.


Membership is categorized to suit each person’s needs and financial flexibility. There are various payments plans. They are namely Basic, Peak and Peak+. Included in the Basic option are cardio, weight, One Club Access, Personal Trainer discount, Wet Area and lockers.

The second package, Peak, comprises of all the benefits from the “Basic” and has Classic Training, All Club and VIP Guest as addendum. Peak+ is the fusion of the “Basic” and “Peak” options with Towel Service and Tanning thrown in the mix because who doesn’t like a tanned body like Ronaldo’s!

Business-minded Cristiano Ronaldo in suit and tie
New occupation of the boss: Building assets and creating opportunities.

Partnering with Ronaldo is a click away

CR7 is giving investors and interested people a stake in his newly acquired goldmine.

Individuals or firms with the capital to invest can request to open a gym under the CR7 Crunch Fitness franchise. This can be done by simply completing the form at the bottom of the official CR7 Crunch Fitness website.

With enough dedication, perseverance, a little entrepreneurial skill and with Ronaldo as symbol of the bigger picture, fans and investors-alike can also accomplish set goals.

Some may like to workout and acquire a body like Ronaldo’s, others may want to take the risk and join Ronaldo’s business empire. The choice is yours!


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