Business owner Cristiano Ronaldo proud of Mastermind Team

Business owner Ronaldo, during his exclusive interview with ON TV.
Ronaldo, during his exclusive interview with ON TV.

Portuguese skipper Cristiano Ronaldo was full of praise for his backroom staff who are managing his off-field businesses with finesse. 

“Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

These are the words of 19th century Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie, who was became one of America’s all-time richest men after making a fortune in the steel industry.

In a non-related profession to that of Carnegie, Real Madrid and Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo may have taken a leaf out of the book of the late steel industrialist regarding the fundamentals of amassing wealth. The 31-year-old, with his exploits on the field of play, is forging a gigantic fortune empire under the CR7 brand and he has his mastermind team to thank for.

The birth of his Madeira museum, the chain of hotels in his joint-venture with Pestana Group, and the CR7 Crunch Fitness gym franchise, to name a few would probably be ideas locked away to be perused in the future had it not been for the hard work of Team CR7.

In his quest to expand his brand into a multinational cooperation, Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Footwear has recently graced the clothing and fashion world with new boots — the Chelsea boots.

Those join the list of already produced loafers, brogues and other boots which are all displayed on CR7 Footwear’s official website. The suede leather Boavista Chelsea boot which was formerly being sold at 199.99 Euros is now priced at 149.99 Euros for the festive season sales.

In a recent interview with ON TV, the 31-year-old forward spoke about the latest project in question whiles attributing the successes he’s enjoying to the efforts and sacrifices made by his business team.

“They work hard like me outside of football. Business is something that I like. In the future I can see myself in that position,” Ronaldo told Amr Adeeb on ON TV Egypt.

“But now, as you know, I have to focus on football because that is my job. But outside of football, I have a fantastic team. I have guys in specific areas that take care of me. I feel blessed for that because I have an unbelievable team.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has strategically placed his CR7 brand to reap huge gains in the Asian and American markets by making a genius move. In 2015, he sold his image rights to Singapore billionaire Peter Lim’s Hong Kong-based company, Mint Media.

“Ronaldo has an existing management contract, which will be retained by Mint Media,” a Mint Media statement read in 2015.

“Image rights are the proprietary rights a person has in his or her image, akin to a trademark for a logo or a company’s name, or a copyright for artistic work.”

Christina Teo further explains Ronaldo’s Mint Media deal and how it came about:

Mr Lim, owner of the advertising company, then stated that the partnership with the Portuguese forward will provide further growth and exposure for Ronaldo’s brand in Asia.

Cristiano Ronaldo announces Mint Media partnership
When Cristiano Ronaldo announced Mint Media partnership

America and Asia, being two continents with immense populations, are the major bases of operations for Peter Lim’s businesses. With Ronaldo’s image imprinted on the right ideas and merchandise, profits should be flowing in in no time.

In the meantime, the ex-Manchester United player has left the whole project in the able hands of his mastermind team who regularly brief him of what’s happening.

“I like to know, it’s important,” Ronaldo declared.

“When something has your name, you should be interested in the things going on,” the four-time Ballon d’Or winner continued.

“Not only about my shoes, but all the products: the hotels, the Nike products, blankets, headphones, many things we have. Of course, we are in control. They give me the information about everything. I’m 100 per cent not worried about things going on because we have a fantastic team.”

Bad company, they say, corrupts good manners and so is the opposite true. Many renowned professional footballers go bankrupt after retirement due to bad investments following poor advice from their counsel.

What many footballers often neglect is that their playing days are numbered. Whiles players enjoy their rather short spell, the future should also be planned for — just like Ronaldo is doing at the moment.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Dream big, cast your net wide and above all, surround yourself with the right people. Only then will proper success be enjoyed!

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