Ronaldo trolls Barcelona during The Best speech

Cristiano Ronaldo lifts the 2016 Best FIFA Men's award as Gianni Infantino congratulates him.

If you thought your Monday was bad, ask Barcelona fans whose day got ruined — once again — by Best FIFA Men’s Player winner, Cristiano Ronaldo.

First of all, the following shocking announcement was released on Barca’s official website earlier in the day:

“With the aim of prioritizing preparations for Wednesday’s game against Athletic Club, FC Barcelona have decided that the players recognized in the Gala The Best FIFA Awards, which takes place on Monday in Zurich, will not be traveling to Switzerland for the ceremony.”

Is the Copa del Rey a priority for Barcelona, this season? Is a 2-1 deficit away from home so hard to overcome that a giant club like Barca would need to cancel an event as big as the FIFA Football Awards? Did the cancellation mean that Barcelona are fearing a crisis within their club? Or did it simply suggest that they anticipated a victory for Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and therefore weren’t interested in using their front-row tickets?

So far, 2017 hasn’t been kind to the Blaugrana. While they are yet to record a win, they haven’t failed to draw the fury of Spanish referees due to controversial comments from Pique and co.

Taking a dig at his club’s eternal rivals Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo labeled their decision to skip the event as “understandable” in his victory speech at the FIFA Football Awards gala. He was quoted as saying, with a cheeky smile:

Cristiano Ronaldo during The Best victory speech

“This achievement is incredible on a personal level. Unbelievable, I will never forget this year.

“I am very happy. Thank you, everyone. I don’t really have anything else to add. The awards, I think, speak for themselves.

“I’m just very happy. I’m sorry some people from Barcelona aren’t here, but that’s understandable.”

Now this is savage, Cristiano Ronaldo! But jokes like these are particularly why we love you! Cristiano Ronaldo fans on Twitter also didn’t hold back with the trolls. Here’s for your entertainment:

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