Figures behind Ronaldo’s $500M value for Nike in 2016

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The iconic number 7 has generated half-a-billion for Nike in just a year. Call him Cristiano Ronaldo the money-making machine!

Just last November, the Real Madrid superstar celebrated signing a lifetime deal with the footwear and gear giants rumored to be worth $1 billion. The deal caused an uproar and many might have questioned its legitimacy considering the abysmal figures involved.

However, the fact is, Nike are actually paying Cristiano Ronaldo that huge sum of money and it makes more sense than one may think.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike
Ronaldo signed a lifetime deal worth $1 billion with Nike in November 2016

The 32-year-old star with a combined following of over 250 million on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, is of tremendous value to the Nike brand. Through his posts on his social network platforms, the Portuguese star reaps profits for the American company that will make the amount he received look like peanuts in no time.

Ronaldo and Nike Mercurial
Ronaldo’s reach and influence through social media are second to none in the sport.

This has already started taking effect as the forward generated almost half-a-billion USD for Nike in 2016 only. Hookit, a digital platform which tracks and measures social media values of brands, used its complex algorithms to determine the figures accompanying Ronaldo’s reach on social networks. Here is how he reaped such huge dividends for his biggest footwear sponsor.

In 2016, the four-time Ballon d’Or winner posted 1,703 times of social media. Among the posts, Ronaldo as per Hookit:

  • Generated 2.25 billion social interactions (comments, shares, likes, retweets and video views)
  • Referenced Nike or made its logo visible in a video or photo in 347 posts, generating 477 million interactions.
  • Generated a value of $5.8 million for Nike with a sketch of himself on the Eiffel Tower with the inscription “Just Do It”, after the Euro 2016 Final in France
  • Yielded a grand total of $499.6 million in media value through his posts.  

Does everything make sense now?!

Moving on, co-founder of Hookit, Scott Tilton, explained the essence of the marriage between Real Madrid’s all-time goalscorer and multi-national corporation Nike. As reported by Forbes Magazine, Tilton stated:

“Cristiano is one of the top influencers on the planet who has effectively leveraged his social following and engagement into a media powerhouse to drive tremendous value for his sponsors.”

Ronaldo Eiffel Tower Euro 2016
The Ronaldo atop Eiffel Tower post after the Euro 2016 Finals received over 13,000 comments on Instagram.

Ronaldo still remains the highest-earning athlete in the world with $88 million according to Forbes. The ex-Manchester United ace receives an estimated salary and bonus of $56 million and reaps about $32 million from sponsorships and endorsements.

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