Super dad CR7 includes son in speedy recovery program

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior steals the show as dad continues recovery program
Cristiano Ronaldo Junior steals the show as dad continues recovery program

We bet a lot of kids out there – even the die-hard McDonalds fans – would be far fitter if they were in Cristiano Ronaldo Junior’s shoes.

Well, when your dad is Cristiano Ronaldo, your number one priority is your body and your best room is the fitness room. In CR7’s latest social media update, Junior stole the spotlight with his cute little fists raised to chest-level, and his big grin.

Ah, the joys of keeping fit! Wearing red sneakers and gray boxers, the topless six-year-old kid posed for the picture in the middle of his father and his pals.

The race to full recovery continues for Junior’s dad. Left out of Portugal’s squad ahead of the upcoming international break, CR7 is expected to grace the field once again in two weeks’ time.

Last Friday, Real Madrid Football Club shared an encouraging video of Cristiano Ronaldo working his leg muscles in a bid to return to action for the first time since Dimitri Payet’s knock ruled him out prematurely in the 2016 UEFA Euro final.

Fresh from collecting the 2016 UEFA Best Player award in Monaco, the Portugal captain was quoted as saying in the short video message in Spanish language:

“Hi guys, just doing a bit of gym work today. Half an hour solid on the bike. I’ll be back in no time.

“Thanks to everyone for yesterday [UEFA Best Player ceremony on Thursday]. Thanks to my team mates who helped me to win the award.

“I’m really thrilled. I’m now eager to work hard and win more titles. Hugs.”


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