Fan hilariously recreates Ronaldo’s Instagram photos

Fan recreates Ronaldo's Instagram photos

The 28-year-old Mexican posted his own rendition of Cristiano Ronaldo’s pictures from the Portuguese player’s Instagram page.

He goes by the name Norberto Briceno and according to his BuzzFeed post, he has a self-esteem of a pimply-faced 16-year-old! “The pessimistic Norberto”, in a quest to tackle his ‘low self-esteem’, decided to jump right out of his insecurities and deal with the issue at hand in an extraordinary manner.


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His genius plan, however, was quite simple; re-create five of Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirtless photos on Instagram. Norberto’s choice was quite fair and spot on considering the man he looks to mimic, aside his fashion sense and athletic stature, oozes with self positivity.

Here are a few of his recreated masterpieces:


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V D ☀️

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N B ☀️

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Well after tons of tries to get the perfect picture, it was quite unfortunate that Mr. Briceno didn’t get the results he was expecting.

“I didn’t get the Instagram self-esteem boost I’d hoped for.

“On the contrary, despite a couple of positive comments, I lost 19 followers in the span of five days,” he added in his BuzzFeed post.

“But that’s OK.

“I thought this was going to be a real horror show, but I kinda liked the way I looked, especially the erotic black-and-white one.

“I might even frame that one, because why not?”

Soon ?

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Aside the humor and hysteria engulfing the whole project, Norberto shared a very important piece of advice for people with insecurities linked with their perceptions about themselves.

“Do I need to work on my negativity and low self-esteem? Yes.

“But I’m a fat dude with lots of imperfections, and that’s cool.

“Fat is a beautiful thing. And it doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you’re true to yourself.”

Very well said Mr! Perhaps, Ronaldo could invite him to one of his photo-shoots sometime soon because, clearly, Mr. Briceno has rare potential!

Click here to check out the full post on his BuzzFeed page.

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