ON THIS DAY IN 2014: Ronaldo hits Twitter Guinness World Record

Cristiano Ronaldo rules Twitter
Cristiano Ronaldo rules Twitter

On this day, in 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo smashed a Guinness World Record. He became the athlete with the most Twitter followers, surpassing 25 million members.

Ronaldo first joined that social media platform in June 2010, roughly one year after ex-Real Madrid team mate Kaka decided to open a Twitter account. Today, the Orlando City-based Brazilian superstar counts 25.7M twitter fans.

Meanwhile, exactly two years after achieving that Guinness World Record, Cristiano Ronaldo has almost doubled his feat! He gathers an army of 46.1 million Twitter followers and counting.

Cristiano's Twitter followers count, two years after setting the Guinness World Record
Cristiano’s Twitter followers count, two years after setting the Guinness World Record

Let us remind ourselves that in February 2016, as he turned 31, Ronaldo became the first athlete to surpass 200 million social media followers. At the time, sports technology agency Hookit came up with the following infographic to break down Ronaldo’s massive influence on the internet:

The breakdown of Ronaldo's +200M social media followers record. By Hookit.com
The breakdown of Ronaldo’s +200M social media followers record. By Hookit.com

There is no end to Cristiano Ronaldo’s stardom. Despite the multitude of haters, the love of his supporters rules above all.

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