Ronaldo and Messi vs the world’s best goalkeepers

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Buffon

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice against Gianluigi Buffon to extend his impressive goalscoring record against the world’s top goalkeepers.

You remember our previous article about the Portuguese striker and his mouth-watering displays against certain elite shot-stoppers in the world, right? Well, the Real Madrid superstar has updated that list by adding to the misery of one of its members.

After an impressive outing against Jan Oblak and Manuel Neuer in the quarter and semi-final ties of the Champions League, the 32-year-old ace has extended almost the same courtesy to veteran goalie Gianluigi Buffon.

However, the 39-year-old’s quandary was just a goal short of the respective hat-tricks received by his fellow colleagues in goal. The Italian shot-stopper had his hopes of claiming his first-ever Champions League winners medal and, eventually, a Ballon d’Or squelched by the resilience of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Millennium Stadium on Saturday.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his first goal
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his first goal against Juventus in the Champions League final [Image Credit: Getty Images]
Nevertheless, Buffon can still look back and savor the sentiment that he kept Barcelona’s Lionel Messi at bay in his side’s journey to the final.

The 29-year-old Argentine fired blanks against the Bianconeri man in Barcelona’s 3:0 aggregate loss to Juventus in the quarter-final of the European competition.

In fact, all along his career, Messi has failed to score in his six encounters with Buffon. Big game player huh? This is the closest the Blaugrana star came to scoring against the Juventus shot-stopper:

Here is how the Barcelona man compares with Cristiano Ronaldo against some of the world’s best goalkeepers:

1. Manuel Neuer

Cristiano Ronaldo: 6 matches, 9 goals 

Lionel Messi: 5 matches, 2 goals

2. Gianluigi Buffon

Cristiano Ronaldo: 5 matches, 7 goals

Lionel Messi: 6 matches 0 goals

3. Petr Cech:

Cristiano Ronaldo: 9 matches, 6 goals 

Lionel Messi: 10 matches, 2 goals

4. Thibaut Courtois:

Cristiano Ronaldo: 10 matches 12 goals
Lionel Messi: 10 matches 6 goals



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