Ronaldo’s tax probe: Evidence of his innocence emerge

Lawsuit filed against Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal representatives, Gestifute, have released new evidence of his innocence after being accused of tax evasion. 

Rival fans should better hold off the celebrations because things have really started to boil up! One thing is certain; if Ronaldo is going to go down, he will definitely do it whiles fighting. It’s been less than 24 hours since a lawsuit was filed by Spanish prosecutors against the Real Madrid superstar following alleged tax crimes he committed between 2011 and 2014.

Per the complaint of the authorities, Ronaldo defrauded the state of 14.7 millions euros, and this, he managed to pull off by using an offshore “business structure”  to hide his income obtained from his image rights.

The player’s management has rebuffed the allegations by presenting new evidence pointing to his innocence. An excerpt from the document reads:

There is no offshore structure for evading tax. Tollin (the “business structure” in question) is 100% owned by Cristiano Ronaldo since its foundation in 2004. It was founded when the player arrived at Manchester United, six years before his signing for Real Madrid and the net profits were 12,753,685.28 euros, distributed according to the following years…”

Below is the detailed documentation released by Cristiano Ronaldo’s management on Tuesday:

Spanish prosecutors accuse Ronaldo of tax evasiona
Image Credit: Dan Roan‏ via Twitter
Spanish prosecutors accuse Ronaldo of tax evasiona
Image Credit: Dan Roan‏ via Twitter
Lawsuit filed against Cristiano Ronaldo
Image Credit: Dan Roan‏ via Twitter

In regards to latest development, Real Madrid has come out to back Cristiano Ronaldo in the fiasco. A statement from the club reads:

“Real Madrid C.F have full confidence in our player Cristiano Ronaldo, who we understand has acted in accordance with the legality regarding the fulfillment of his fiscal obligations.

“Since his arrival at Real Madrid C.F in July 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo has always shown a clear will to fulfill all his tax obligations.

“Real Madrid C.F. are absolutely convinced that our player, Cristiano Ronaldo, will prove his total innocence in this process.

“Real Madrid C.F. hope that justice is done as quickly as possible so that his innocence can be proven as soon as possible.”

C.Ronaldo Daily will keep you updated things keep progressing. Watch this space!

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