Ronaldo, TATEL, Nadal, Iglesias: what you should know

Abel Matutes Prats Jr and Manuel Campos Guallar. as well as Enrique Iglesias, tennis star Rafa Nadal as well as basketball pros Pau Gasol and Rudy Fernández, own the TATEL Resturants

In a bid to expand his brand, Ronaldo has ventured into the food and catering industry and has confirmed a partnership with the Tatel and Zela restaurants. 

If you were looking forward to the big announcement the Portuguese football icon cited in his Instagram post, well this is it. He may not put on the chef cap anytime soon but Cristiano Ronaldo will be feeding lots of stomachs, thanks to the Tatel Restaurant. What is the Tatel Restaurant, you may ask? Well, let’s all find out, shall we?

Thrilled to be part of the family @tatelrestaurants @zelarestaurants. Best team @enriqueiglesias @paugasol @rafaelnadal

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The TATEL Restaurant and its philosophy

The TATEL Restaurant which was birthed under the umbrella of the Tatel Group came into being with the intent of creating an eatery that embodies and reflects the culture, culinary art and Spanish way of life.

The specific nature of the restaurant’s concept was not picked out of a hat, contemplating the fact that it was shaped by its proprietors who happen to be Spaniards. In a nutshell, it is the go-to place if you are craving a Spanish meal.

One of the many dishes at the TATEL Restuarant; the Bungalow Cosentino. TATEL Restuarant in Madrid
One of the many Spanish dishes at the TATEL Restaurant; the Bungalow Cosentino.

And oh… it is ostentatious and quite overpriced so you better not have holes in your pocket before passing through their gates. You’d then have to do more than washing dishes to settle your debt.

Owners and location of branches

The whole franchise, the TATEL Group, was co-founded by Spanish business men Abel Matutes Prats Jr and Manuel Campos Guallar. The first of the TATEL Restaurants was commissioned in Madrid back in 2015. Investment funds came from named partners comprising of music icon Enrique Iglesias, tennis star Rafa Nadal as well as basketball pros Pau Gasol and Rudy Fernández.

Abel Matutes Prats Jr and Manuel Campos Guallar, co-owners of the TATEL Group
Abel Matutes Prats Jr and Manuel Campos Guallar

The owners, after witnessing tremendous success in the first year, then decided to expand their horizon by opening new branches worldwide. Aside the one in Madrid, the TATEL Restaurant has another branch in Miami, with Ibiza being the latest. The latest personality to join the celebrity-run establishment is our very own Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rafa Nadal and Enrique Iglesisas at the grand opening of TATEL's Miami branch
Rafa Nadal and Enrique Iglesias at the grand opening of TATEL’s Miami branch

Which is which? Zela Restaurant or Tatel Restaurant?

So for those who may be a little bit confused about the conflicting names, here’s the explanation. Zela Restaurant which is located in Ibiza, unlike the other branches in Madrid and Miami, has a slightly differing gastronomy.

Zela is the Japanese-Mediterranean fusion masterminded by the owners of the Tatel Restaurant and Ricardo Sanz of the Kabuki Restaurant brands. That withstanding, their cuisine consists of part-Mediterranean and part-Asian dishes.

Cristiano Ronaldo , Abel Matutes Prats and Manuel Campos Guallar
Cristiano Ronaldo, Abel Matutes Prats Jr and Manuel Campos Guallar at Zela Restaurant, Ibiza

The CR7 brand

With the help of what we at C.Ronaldo Daily call the “Mastermind Team,” Ronaldo’s brand is rapidly shaping up. Although the TATEL and Zela partnership may not come directly under the CR7 franchise, it is a step in the right direction.

In the case where the Madeira-born superstar decides to go all out and establish his very own chain of restaurants, it will be more or less a walk in the park having laid the foundation through his association with Zela and TATEL. With the kind of resources at his disposal, it will be the least surprising thing if Ronaldo decides to buy the whole chain of Zela and TATEL restaurants.

Cristiano Ronaldo at the Zela Resturant in Ibiza
CR7 and the crew!

Now, with that in the pipeline on top of Museu CR7, Pestana CR7 Hotels, CR7 Crunch Fitness, CR7 Footwear and CR7 Denim, life after football looks incredibly LIT for the four-time Ballon d’Or winner!


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