El Clasico Miami: Private jet to transport Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to decide whether he will make an appearance in El Clasico Miami or not.

There have been two very difficult questions to answer this off-season. The first, which is whether Ronaldo will still be a Real Madrid player come the beginning of the 2017/2018, seems to have been put to bed after the player confirmed his stay. The other is about his availability for El Clasico Miami, scheduled for July 29.

It’s been a rollercoaster with regards to the iconic number 7 possibly joining up with his teammates in the United States for the blockbuster encounter. We were finally made to settle with the notion that Cristiano Ronaldo was not going to participate in the ICC game even though a commercial he did for Optimum and SuddenLink kind of suggested otherwise.

The news caused many enthusiasts who were looking forward to his arrival to bitterly lament their decision to purchase the game’s expensive tickets. Nevertheless, there seems to be a pin-hole sized glimmer of light in the tunnel housing this fiasco. Perhaps, it’s about time this little girl folded her well-designed message board while putting on a better smile.

Fans in Miami crying out for Ronaldo

Stephen Ross, CEO of Miami Dolphins, as well as Relevant; the organizers of the International Champions Cup, told the press that he has a plane ready to transport the 32-year-old forward to Miami. All Cristiano Ronaldo has to do is to just blurt out the words “I will play”. According to the Miami Herald, Mr. Ross, having spoken to the player on Thursday said he sounded “more pessimistic than optimistic”.

“We’ve reached out, we’ve done everything,” Stephen Ross declared.

“That weekend, he has some complex issues, as you all know, back in Spain.

Stephen Ross, owner of Miami Dolphins and Relevant,
Stephen Ross, owner of Miami Dolphins and Relevant
Stephen Ross has readied a private jet to transport Cristiano Ronaldo to Miami
Stephen Ross has readied a private jet to transport Cristiano Ronaldo to Miami

“I’ve got a plane waiting. He hasn’t said finally no.

“We’ll probably know relatively soon.”

Having ended his commercial tours to Singapore and China, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently said to be in Madrid preparing for his court appearance on Monday, July 31. Now, which will it be? Will Ronaldo yield to the cries of his loyal fans or will he rest and work on fixing his stained reputation in court on Monday? Tough call, this one.

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