Cristiano brings poor kid Rodriguinho to tears on Brazilian TV

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to Rodriguinho on Hora do Faro show

Cristiano Ronaldo had a video message for the Brazilian kid who is also an ardent fan of the football superstar.

CR7 is at his humanitarian best once again. It’s either he’s touching lives, motivating or entertaining the world. This time, the 32-year-old’s passionate act was in Brazilian TV show, Hora do Faro. The program deals with entertainment and improves the lives of individuals especially in Brazil through the help of friends and partners of the host, Rodrigo Faro.

Katia shares a smile with Rodriguinho and Rodrigo Faro on Brazilian TV show, Hora do Faro.
Katia shares a smile with Rodriguinho and Rodrigo Faro on Brazilian TV show, Hora do Faro.

13-year-old Rodriguinho happened to be the lucky one to benefit from the event. After a dance challenge from Cristiano’s sister Katia Aveiro, the young Brazilian was surprised with a video from his biggest role model, Ronaldo.

Presenter: Come here, I want to you stay here because this moment is only yours. It’s only yours. Do you remember that you once said you had a dream?

Kid: I do.

Presenter: That you wished CR7 knew who you are?

Kid: Yes, I do.

Presenter: Just watch.

CR7: Hi Rodrigo, I just wanted you to send you a hug and wish you a lot of strength. You should believe in your potential. My sister Katia told me you have a big talent and all I can tell you is always follow your dreams and work hard because the opportunities will follow and I hope you will have a lot of luck in your future. Big hug, my friend.

Presenter: CR7 recorded this message just for you.

With too many emotions running through the head of the speechless child, Katia had to hug him for a while. Meanwhile, on social media last Sunday, the 40-year-old musician had already announced that something special was bound to happen on her friend’s TV show.

Katia Aveiro: “It’s this Sunday! @KatiaAveiroOficial helps to realize the dream of a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, in @HoraDoFaro, at 15h30 (Brasília time) on Record TV. You cannot miss this.”

On Monday morning, Cristiano’s elder sister Elma Aveiro also followed up with a lovely message to her followers concerning the gesture.

Elma Aveiro: “My God… I’m more and more addicted to this program, Rodrigo Faro. Thanks, my sister and brother, for providing these fascinating moments… God is wonderful… Thanks a lot.”

For poor Rodriguinho, this once in a lifetime gesture probably means the world. Enjoy the video of Katia Aveiro singing as the adorable Brazilian kid was asked to dance on the Hora do Faro show.

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