Why Ronaldo’s FIFA 18 player rating is totally justified

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Cristiano Ronaldo has, for the second consecutive year, retained the mantle of being the top rated player in EA Sports’ FIFA 18 game.

Despite Ronaldo’s feat being a great piece of news for his aroused fans, a debate has erupted from the abyss of the chambers of the game’s cognoscente, with the unceasing Ronaldo-Messi disputation being the propulsive fuel.

The Real Madrid winger, after his impressive campaign last season, only reemphasized his latter-day monopoly by, yet again, accumulating a 94 rating in FIFA 18. Just like in FIFA 17, his arch-nemesis Lionel Messi trailed him by one; scoring 93 to occupy the position of the second highest ranked player.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 18
Lionel Messi’s rating in FIFA 18

Nevertheless, there was a reversal of roles three years ago as the release of FIFA 16 saw the Argentine striker leading the pack with a 94 rating while his Portuguese antagonist was comfortably placed in the second position with 93.

This has, as a result, engineered a conspiracy theory which suggests that Ronaldo’s numbers were majorly influenced by him becoming the franchise’s poster-boy after Messi’s demotion. Well, maybe or maybe not.

If the same logic is perused, considering all things to be equal, Lionel Messi being ranked par with Cristiano Ronaldo at 94 in the upcoming PES 18 game is unquestionably insane. This is so in the sense that the 30-year-old Barcelona number 10 happens to be on the cover of the Legendary Edition of the game manufactured by EA Sports’ biggest rival, Konami.

As a result if, indeed, both firms are being generous to their poster boys then logically, Messi should have merited a higher rating on PES 18, right? However, the fact that it is not the case only ingeminates the concept that one player had a better year collectively and individually than another player.

Aside Lionel Messi winning the 2016/2017 season European Golden Boot which he did with his 37 goals scored in La Liga, he was and has overly been trumped by Cristiano Ronaldo as far as attracting accolades is concerned. No wonder one fan tweeted EA Sports to give the former Manchester United winger a 100 rating and 99 in all stats prior to the release of the list!

Messi might have had a better year in the domestic league. Yet, assessing all other competitions, Ronaldo obviously stood taller between the duo. It is not even worth arguing over. There was absolutely no fuss when Messi dominated even in years Ronaldo performed more on the ball, so why now?

With regards to the individual attributes ratings, it is a bit arduous to endorse any debate. Just as cited by EA Sports in their description of CR7, there are indeed a few things he cannot do on a pitch and few attacking positions in which he won’t excel.

Considering the rate at which he bangs in goals, a 93 for Shooting is even an underrated figure. Although his ability to swiftly zoom past defenders has dwindled over the years, a rating of 90 for Pace is more than impressive for a 32-year-old.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s FUT card in FIFA 18

In fairness, a 90 rating for Dribbling is a bit apocryphal as the Real Madrid superstar hasn’t thrived in recent times in the specialty which his career evolved from. All-withstanding, Ronaldo’s ratings in Defending, Passing and Physicality are not far from right.

In a nutshell, game developers have utilized the prowess of complex computer algorithms to arrive at these figures and whether some dispute or not, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player as far as football in the real and virtual worlds are concerned.

Any complaints from Messi fans and anti-CR7 critics can be sent to EA Sports via the link here. Good luck getting heard by one of the world’s biggest video gaming companies!

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