Sculptor Navarro Arteaga does Cristiano justice with lookalike statue

Cristiano Ronaldo's busts


Jose Antonio Navarro Arteaga released a new bust for the Real Madrid superstar to the delight of many football fans.

The Seville-based sculptor specializing in religious imagery began at age 15, as an apprentice under the guidance of sculptor Juan Ventura. He has made several wood carvings for Brotherhoods of Holy Week in Andalusia and the rest of Spain.

Navarro Arteaga, 52, is a popular figure in the world of art and has produced a brilliant bust of Cristiano Ronaldo with pinpoint likeness than the previous work by Emanuel Santos. The Madeira-born artist’s effort was ridiculed by many fans on social media as his work was described as ‘bizarre’. Santos’ work was unveiled at the Madeira airport being renamed in honour of the Portuguese captain.

The 32-year old now has a new bust that represents him better than his likeness at the Madeira airport. The work which is now on view at the Bernabeu Museum was officially presented to the club’s director of institutional relations Emilio Butragueno in early November, although Ronaldo couldn’t attend the unveiling himself as he was involved in a Champions League tie with Tottenham Hotspur.

(Image credit: Jose Antonio Navarro Arteaga Facebook)

Navarro Arteaga’s new bust is made of bronze, almost 90cm in height, weighs 60 kilos and reportedly costs less than €50,000. The famous artist posted pictures of his great work on his facebook page which caused a stir among several football faithful with incredible comments on his great work. It is reported that Navarro’s young son, who saw Emanuel Santos’ work during the unveiling at Madeira airport and told his father he could do better.

“I used various photos of Ronaldo to work with,” the 52-year old Sculptor told El Mundo.

“I tried to reflect the interior strength of his personality, when he is about to take a free kick or a corner.”

Meanwhile, the Portuguese attacker attended the presentation of the ridiculed sculpture earlier this year in his homeland. Its author Santos, had to defend his artwork after it became a viral online sensation shortly after it was unveiled.

“He [Ronaldo] only asked for some wrinkles to be changed, that give him a certain expression in his face when he’s about to laugh.”

“He said it made him look older and asked for it to be thinned out a bit to make it smoother and more jovial. But they gave it the go-ahead before they liked what they saw.”

“I asked him what he thought of the result and he said he liked it,” as per MailOnline’s Gerard Couzens.

The new fantastic statue of Cristiano has received many plaudits from fans all over the world as many described the incredible work as an ‘upgrade’ on the earlier bust made by Emanuel Santos.


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