‘Ronaldo Foundation scholarships to African countries’ is a SCAM

Fake news - Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation African Union Scholarships

FAKE NEWS ALERT! Yet again, Cristiano Ronaldo’s name is being used by scammers and addicts of fake news creation. 

A press release has been circulating on various blogs of which the authenticity is dubious, to say the least. That article claims that mega-rich football star Cristiano Ronaldo is giving away up to 8,500 scholarships and offering jobs to candidates from sub-Saharan Africa.

Supposedly, the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner is carrying this humanitarian project through the “Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation”. (On one of the fake website, the name of the organization is “C.Ronaldo Foundation Scholarship”. On another page, the name is “Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation Scheme”. So many different names for one same organization that is, as they claim, managed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself? Blatant proof of scamming!)

There is no doubting CR7’s generosity, but beware of fake news! At C. Ronaldo Daily, as a growing community of Cristiano Ronaldo fans professionally managed by admirers of the Portuguese icon, we find it necessary to inform our fellow supporters to stay vigilant.

According to the fake press release, the Save the Children ambassador is “partnering with AFRICAN UNION (AU), declared that The intent of the scholarship is promoting academic excellence through college graduation and providing students a platform to reach their full potentials.”

FAKE NEWS - Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation links on Facebook
These three fake news links have been shared more than 30,000 times. What a pity!

The fake statement also claims that the 8,500 scholarships will be awarded to candidates studying any of the following 10 subjects:

Art History, BA Educational and Educational Science, Business and Economics, Engineering, Information Systems or Business Law, Law (legal science), Medicine and Allied Medicine, Natural sciences, Secure Identity in computer science, and Social Sciences.

Application supposedly opened on November 11 this year and will close on February 18, 2018. Yeah, right! Just enough time to fool many die-hard Ronaldo fans in Africa!

How do you apply for this scam “scholarships from the Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation to African countries”?

Now here’s the funny part of this scam operation. According to the fraudulent websites where this press release appears, “All application is only online,” and secondly applicants must “Use the Application link provided on this website to start your application free of charge.”

However, there is no link at all. What appears right below those lines in the presser are ads.

On the Job Scholar blog post that has been shared over 21,000 times up to date:

FAKE SCAM - Ronaldo scholarship to African applicants JobScholar.Website

On My Scholarshipp (notice the two ‘p’; fraudulent websites often have typos in their names):

FAKE SCAM - Ronaldo scholarship to African applicants - MyScholarshipp.com

On African Unions Scholars:

FAKE SCAM - Ronaldo scholarship to African applicants - AfricaUnionsScholars.com

Same trick. No link. Just an ad right below the end of the post.

What does this fake scholarship application process mean?

In other words, applicants are supposed to click on those ads. Quite a lame strategy to have visitors click massively on the ads for those blogs to make money via Google Adsense.

Warning: Beware of this scam and report all fake Facebook pages of the “Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation”

Don’t fall for this scam. Do not click on any of the ads on those blogs. Do not let these blogs make money through your naivety. Do not share their fake news article on social media. Do not subscribe to anything on their sites. Instead, do this:

Go to these fake pages and report them all as we, at CRonaldoDaily.com, have reported them already!

– Report Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation Scheme Facebook page

– Report Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation Facebook page

– Report this other Cristiano Ronaldo Foundation Facebook page

NOTE FROM TEAM CRD: Special thanks to one of our most loyal fans on Facebook who sent us a private message on December 10, inquiring whether Ronaldo was really the one behind this appealing programme.

Keep all Cristiano Ronaldo fans safe from scammers. If you come across dubious activities involving fake representations of Cristiano Ronaldo or his entourage, you can write to us via Facebook, Twitter or at info@cronaldodaily.com. We will then verify the information and publish a story exposing the frauds when applicable.


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