Fansite to launch ‘CR7 World Cup travel blog’ for Russia 2018

Winning is a lifestyle. Team CRD is going to Russia 2018! FIFA World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, hand on his heart.
Winning is a lifestyle. Team CRD is going to Russia 2018!

This Cristiano Ronaldo fansite is about to be lit! 

If your friends and fellow CR7 fans haven’t heard yet of CRD as the ultimate dedicated fansite for Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s about time they do because this platform is about to experience what no other amateur Ronaldo fan page, perhaps, might be able to boast of this summer. is launching a special ‘CR7 World Cup Travel Blog‘ series and the upcoming content sure carries its name perfectly.

Yes, you’ve read this well; CRD’s brand will be represented live in Russia thanks to Founder and Chief Editor, Angela Akua Asante, who has been granted FIFA Media accreditation and match tickets as an international freelancer to access stadiums, FIFA Fan Fest venues, as well as Portugal’s general training sessions and pre-match press conferences.

Launched since September 2016, CRD has contributed to the growth of select intern writers from Ghana and hosted columns by contributors from Europe and North America. The fansite prides itself in delivering quality content for its readers and aims to maintain such professional standard.

“It’s amazing how the passion for Cristiano Ronaldo brings people together. Exactly two years ago, none of this project existed,” founder Angela Akua Asante declared, enthused.

“And today, here we are. We probably haven’t progressed as fast as we could have, knowing that everyone at Team CRD — which obviously includes me — has been contributing as volunteers, after our busy hours as students and employees.

“Still, being able to represent our brand as an accredited media in Russia is an absolutely fantastic reward — not just for me but for our entire crew; and I’m getting excited about the sort of content we will be producing for our supporters and partners like PortuGOAL.netEye Witness Football and Nsroma TV through our ‘CR7 World Cup Travel Blog‘.”

The ex-BBC World Service correspondent, whose career carries good memories of covering the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup and 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup live from Azerbaijan and Canada respectively, underlined the following:

“Covering the FIFA Men’s World Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m only realizing gradually how privileged I am as it’s an opportunity many freelance journalists in my field dream of. And doing so in the name of my 14-year passion for the most admirable footballer in the world is just insane.”

Concluding with a mischievous smile, she noted:

“There are a lot of great things coming up for our followers. I’m delighted to be able to take them through my journey, our journey at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. They should just subscribe to our mailing list and social media posts to enjoy the best content we’re working hard to offer.”

Calma, calma. Angela Akua Asante is sending CRD to Russia 2018!

The ‘CR7 World Cup Travel Blog‘ series is scheduled to commence on Saturday, June 2, 2018 and run for seven weeks — seven being the symbolic number of Cristiano Ronaldo and all his dedicated fans. The special content will include blog posts penned by CRD’s founder, also known as ‘Triple A’.

Additionally, there will be live and recorded videos on the fansite’s Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages. C. Ronaldo Daily‘s Twitter page will also be taken over, occasionally, by the accredited reporter for updates live from the stadiums in Sochi, Saransk, and Moscow. Followers of the ‘CR7 World Cup Travel Blog‘ are welcomed to submit comments and suggest what they would want to see more of throughout the coverage of Portugal’s campaign in Russia.

World Cup table and fixtures on CRD

Meanwhile, for starters, C. Ronaldo Daily fansite is proud to release its special widgets showcasing Portugal’s FIFA World Cup fixtures:

*All Portugal kick-off times are displayed in GMT (UTC+0)


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