Cristiano is Youtube’s most watched soccer star in USA and England

Cristiano Ronaldo king of Youtube

In top geos USA and England, Cristiano Ronaldo is the king of the internet’s most popular streaming platform, Youtube.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is gaining momentum in the United States of America despite the USMNT’s shocking failure to qualify for this summer’s tournament in Russia. The sport is ever growing in this country, contrary to the myth that Americans do not know anything about the Beautiful Game.

A study by Youtube has revealed that the search volume for the World Cup has surpassed that of all major sporting events — even the Olympics’. When it comes to Youtube’s watch time in 2017, Portugal-related videos were in the Top 5 most viewed alongside videos about South American World Cup contenders Argentina (2nd) and Brazil (1st), and European contestants England (4th) and France (5th).

Meanwhile, among the 736 players that will be in Russia this month for the soccer fiesta, one name stands the tallest on Youtube for viewers in the USA. That name isn’t Neymar’s nor Lionel Messi’s but Cristiano Ronaldo’s. The showman also ranks first as the most popular 2018 FIFA World Cup player on Youtube in the country where he rose to fame: England.

In Brazil, the Portuguese captain sits just behind the nation’s darling boy, Neymar, and above Paulinho (3rd) and Gabriel Jesus (4th). Lionel Messi completes the Top 5 in Brazilian statistics. In France, CR7 is third behind the likes of PSG stars Kylian Mbappe (1st) and Neymar (2nd) but on top of Antoine Griezmann (4th) and Leo (5th).


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