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Roman the Robot is one cool dude… He proclaims himself to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s number one fan!

On Tuesday, I finally landed in Sochi and arrived at my hostel around 5:00 AM local time. Day 1 was intense, to say the least…

Day 2 – Birthday in Sochi

I had set my alarm to wake up at 7:35 AM MSK but I crashed back to sleep until noon as my body wasn’t ready to function. My eyes, especially, felt heavy. Blame it on the tiring trip from Accra to Sochi which involved a 19-hour transit in Istanbul. Blame it also on spending too much energy fixing my laptop screen for well over 10 hours straight the day before.

Staying up till 3:00 AM isn’t healthy but I chose to do this because Triple A traditionally doesn’t work on her birthdays and Day 2 in Russia marked my birthday. Wink.

With no travel partner(s) sharing my adventure in Sochi, my June 13 agenda was a simple one. Rest. Eat well. Enjoy the city. Pick up my FIFA Media Accreditation badge. I did everything but the last point as I didn’t arrive, as anticipated, at the Media Accreditation center early enough.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of the ride that got me there. First, the 90 mins bus ride which offered me sights of Sochi’s beautiful streets embellished by trees.

Then, upon arriving at the terminal, I got to tour the Olympic Stadium area for 300 RUB (4.81 USD/22.65 GHS). Rather than head back to the hostel disappointed or annoyed at seeing the Media Accreditation center’s doors closed, I opted to treat myself to a birthday dinner. Google maps to the rescue to pick a restaurant nearby!

“Farmer snack Gamburg, it is!” I told myself, satisfied with being just a four-minute walk away from the place. On my way there, I came across two transformers – one blue, the other yellow. I’m not into Marvel comics and the likes, so whoever those robots portray rings no bell in my mind. I still found them funny and decided to film them. Then the yellow robot (his real name is Roman) waved at me, pointed at my CRD7 cap and walked over.

We kept chatting.

Roman the Robot: Are you from Portugal?

Me: Nope, from Ghana.

Roman the Robot: But… Cristiano Ronaldo?? (pointing at my cap).

Me: Ah, yeah! I’m here to support Cristiano.

Roman the Robot: Yay! Me too. He’s my best player. I love your cap!

Me: Thank you!

And this is what followed…

Because it’s a tradition for me to do the Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebration on my birthday.

2017 birthday throwback:

The beauty of being a Cristiano Ronaldo fan is that you get to connect with fellow supporters and experience amazing encounters. It’s a pity that my good colleagues aren’t in Russia with me, sharing all the fun together. Roman the Robot made my day, thankfully!

Now, I’m excited about Friday’s adventures at the Fisht Olympic Stadium as Cristiano Ronaldo will lead Portugal in their 2018 FIFA World Cup opener against La Furia Roja of Spain. It’s going to be one hell of a fantastic moment. May the CRD7 cap attract more admirers and the Seleccao come out of the match victorious. SIUU!!!


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