Cristiano helping Cavani limp off will warm your heart


This may be the most beautiful scene we’ve witnessed at the 2018 FIFA World Cup…

Showing sportsmanship while your team is 2-1 down with roughly 20 minutes to go isn’t that common. Doing so when you are addicted to winning as much as Cristiano is even more difficult; more so when the player you’re helping out is the author of the brace that has gotten your team behind.

For CR7, though, seeing Uruguay’s two-goal hero suffer an unfortunate injury midway into the second half was worth a moment of genuineness. The Portugal captain, who totally knows how it feels to be forced off through injury in an important international match, offered his arm to PSG’s forward to help the latter limp off.

Both the media and Ronaldo fans reacted with respect at the sight of the warm images. Here is a compilation of some of the best tweets:


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