CRD7 World Cup documentary premieres worldwide on Joy News TV

CRD7 World Cup premiere on Joy News TV. With Angela Akua Asante at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The documentary, which captures the Russia 2018 experience, features a 10-second audio of Cristiano Ronaldo speaking to CRD7 founder, Angela Akua Asante.

The international football journalist, who was the only accredited Ghanaian reporter to be approved for and attend each of the seven rounds at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, sent the C. Ronaldo Daily brand and her country’s colors to Russia in top fashion.

A 28:12 minutes film directed by 4K7 Mixed Media in partnership with Nsroma TV, produced by TS Studios GH, and entitled “CRD7 World Cup documentary” has been released. It was set to hit your screens worldwide on Sunday, August 5, 2018 on Joy News TV but for a massive program scheduling glitch from the station that evening. The airing has since been rescheduled for Monday, August 6 at 14:30 GMT (bonus broadcast) and Sunday, August 12, at 19:30 GMT. Viewers located anywhere across the globe can as well tune in and watch the premiere.

What should viewers look forward to in the CRD7 World Cup documentary?

“It’s basically an interview of me answering the most popular and pertinent questions that I’ve been asked since the moment I arrived in Russia on June 12,” Angela Akua Asante, also known as “Triple A”, explained.

“So there are a lot of answers in there and exclusive footage that is all mine. Viewers will be able to see Russia through my eyes. The mission was to send both my brand CRD7 and my country Ghana to Russia and then to bring back Russia to Ghana and the world.

“I believe my team and I have succeeded in doing that but I will let viewers see the documentary for themselves as it debunks the negative stereotypes painting Russian people as rude, racist, and not extroverted.

“I had a blast at the FIFA World Cup and it went beyond enjoying the football. I made friends whose warmth can literally be felt. Everything I experienced has a special place in my heart and I am happy to share all of it with everyone through this documentary.

“I’m also grateful to all those who helped me to make it happen. When I say this, I think of my mentor Keir Radnedge of AIPS who supported me in the process of applying for my FIFA Media accreditation. I also think of Gary Al-Smith of Joy News TV, and Tom Kundert of whose expertise helped me craft my trip around the objective of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo perform at the World Cup. Travel agency Flysoulmates also did a fantastic job with logistics research.

“And there are many more people I’m thankful to – especially my admirers on social media who empowered me with their contagious enthusiasm and with the respect they have towards all the hard work my crew and I have put in this summer to create such a unique content,” Angela concluded on this matter.

What is the date of the CRD7 World Cup documentary’s premiere?

Three weeks have gone by since the very end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the time has come for the much-hyped CRD7 World Cup documentary to premiere on Ghanaian multimedia station, Joy News TV. As noted above, the documentary which has been distributed to numerous TV and digital media channels was set to air for the very first time in full on Sunday, August 5, 2018. It did, but not on Joy News TV due to a program scheduling error.

Online users can now enjoy the full documentary as it appears on our Youtube channel.

At what time does the broadcast of the CRD7 World Cup documentary start on Joy News TV?

Tune into Joy News TV – either via mobile, tablet, or through your television set – on Sunday, August 12 at exactly 19:30 Universal Time. Around the globe, that is at:

– 12:30 ET in Los Angeles
– 15:30 ET in New York and Toronto
– 19:30 GMT in Ghana
– 20:30 BST in England, Nigeria, and Portugal
– 21:30 CET in France and South Africa
– 22:30 MSK in Russia and Turkey
– 1:00 IST in India
– 5:30 AET in Australia

On which channel can I watch the premiere of the CRD7 World Cup documentary?

The station to be glued to on Sunday is Joy News TV. The popular Ghanaian channel, which is available on television in over 20 African countries, can also be streamed worldwide on Youtube.

Just click here to bookmark and subscribe to the Joy News TV Youtube channel. 

Get a glimpse of the documentary via this 50-second teaser which has been rolling for the past few days on multiple TV stations in Ghana:

How did the CRD7 World Cup documentary come about?

As a freelance journalist, Angela has worked with Radio France Internationale, BBC World Service’s Francophone branch (BBC Afrique) and the International Sports Press Association (AIPS). She is also the Social Media and Digital Content Manager at U.S.-based online football portal,

Her CRD7 World Cup documentary now comes as her first project of this kind. Its concept was birthed by her media manager and filmmaker, Samson Craig McArthur Sik, who revamped Angela’s idea of the “CRD7 World Cup series” which was produced for social media use during the tournament.

Upon landing at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra two days after the FIFA World Cup final which she attended and covered live from the Luzhniki stadium, Angela was safe and sound. However, a twist in the story was bound to happen as her luggage containing the raw footage of all her Nikon shots in Russia was nowhere to be found.

As if having to go through the Baggage Claim process was not frustrating enough, diet change and fatigue from spending 36 intense days in Sochi, Moscow, and Saransk soon caught up with the former socioeconomics student. She was bed-ridden for three days immediately after her return from the tournament. These two major incidents, therefore, delayed the production of the CRD7 World Cup documentary; for good reasons, however, as it enabled TS Studios GH to come on board as a replacement for the videography agency that had first been booked to work on the project.

Delayed but not denied! Angela Akua Asante happily presenting her found luggage with Nana Yaw Asiedu of Nsroma TV who worked on the lighting during the making of the video

“Teaming up with Peter and his brother Daniel Kweku Bentil of TS Studios GH on this one-of-its-kind documentary has been refreshing,” Angela noted.

“Their patience to go through the numerous files to pick the best footage and their determination not to rush the job are things I respect about their work ethics.

“We had a first version of the documentary which was 33 minutes long. We were then advised by Baaba Tandoh of Joy News TV to cut it to 28 minutes for it to fit into a 30-minute programming slot. Muftawu Nabila of Kwese Sports also made suggestions concerning the allocation of illustrative content across the full video.

From left to right: Filmmaker Samson Craig McArthur Sik, reporter Gary Al-Smith (Joy Multimedia), CRD7 founder Angela Akua Asante, presenters George Addo Jnr. and Baaba Tandoh (Joy Multimedia), and Nsroma TV founder Nana Yaw Asiedu.
From left to right: Filmmaker Samson Craig McArthur Sik, reporter Gary Al-Smith (Joy Multimedia), CRD7 founder Angela Akua Asante, presenters George Addo Jnr. and Baaba Tandoh (Joy Multimedia), and Nsroma TV founder Nana Yaw Asiedu.

“At that point, despite time running out, we had to go back to the studio for edits,” Angela explained.

“And trust me, what one might see as minor changes is a task that actually takes a hell of a time to accomplish. But we had fun, Peter and I, working on the corrections. After seating for six hours straight to finalize the new version of the CRD7 World Cup documentary, we can definitely say that we feel proud of our efforts and thankful for the feedback we received in the first place.”

What if I miss the premiere of CRD7 World Cup documentary?

CRD7’s got you covered. As promised, we premiered the documentary on social media via a Facebook Live post which showcases the content on repeat for three hours straight. If you are not a Facebooker, then why not enjoy the 28-minute documentary on our Youtube channel. Watch it here:

Relive the August 2 appearance of Angela Akua Asante and her manager, Samson Craig McArthur Sik, on Joy News TV’s “The AM show”:


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