Kathryn Mayorga vs Cristiano Ronaldo rape case: who is the dishonest one?

Cristiano Ronaldo rocks in suit looking calm
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Of all the days in the calendar, the alleged rape of Kathryn Mayorga by the only footballer I adore that much, Cristiano Ronaldo, could only happen on my birthday in 2009?!

How awkward for a long-time CR7 fan like me to realize this today… Back in April last year, at CRonaldoDaily.com, we published a feature article hitting back at Der Spiegel for what we saw as “using dirty tactics to unsettle Ronaldo’s game ahead of the Real Madrid-Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League tie”.

Excerpts of the introduction paragraph in our piece read:

“[…] the German newspaper published a long article regarding an alleged rape case involving Cristiano Ronaldo and an unnamed woman back in 2009 […] “coincidentally” published two days after Ronaldo’s heroics at the Allianz Arena. It cited that the Real Madrid superstar allegedly paid £300,000 to the victim in return for her silence on the matter. How convenient!”

Der Spiegel’s latest reports, however, carry more weight with a 25-tweet thread by Sports Editor Christoph Winterbach offering curious arguments to back their story. “Plausible… much more convincingly packaged than their article from April 2017”, I thought after reading through it all.

In other words, as I won’t allow my loyalty as a Cristiano fan to get in the way of my integrity as a human being, the following quoted tweet is exactly what I think…

As a spectator, my curiosity pushes me to ask a whole lot of questions – regardless of how dumb they might sound to those who are dead certain that Ronaldo raped Mayorga or how disgusting they might appear to those who would tag me as a “fake Ronaldo fan” for not insisting that the 33-year-old is innocent no matter what.

An exclusive video released by The Sun shows ex-model Kathryn Mayorga clearly flirting in a seductive dance before the alleged rape [image via The Sun]:

Kathryn Mayorga and Cristiano Ronaldo grinding dance in Las Vegas before alleged rape

Kathryn Mayorga: motivated to lie or a real rape victim?

There is no denying that fear can let a victim agree to stay mute for many years. Therefore, it dismisses the logic of comments asking why Kathryn Mayorga is only coming out now. How outdated a crime is, does not cancel out its horror. However, as much as the dancing footage can easily raise eyebrows over the lady’s rape claims, the tweet below also raises a few questions:

i. Upon supposedly feeling “forced” to sign the $375,000 out-of-court settlement, did Mayorga refuse to touch the money?

ii. If she ever touched the compensation money, did she do so only for very serious matters (ie: to pay for urgent and costly medical bills; or even for charity; etc)?

iii. Can it be proven that she never touched the money for leisure or other personal benefits (buying/renting a more comfortable house, a car, starting a business, etc)?

iv. The questions raised here relate to how a rape victim with no dishonest intentions would actually react. Everyone has their way of dealing with intimidation. One thing is certain, though, if I should put myself in Mayorga’s shoes in the event that the rape indeed occurred: A normal thing to do, in my honest opinion, would be to suffer in silence and fight to one day let the truth come out for justice to prevail – all this without taking a penny for anything classified as unrelated to the medical treatment needed to heal from the physical and psychological abuse of getting raped. That would be my way of issuing a strong statement against “an arrogant celebrity with money and power who thinks I can be bought”. My dignity and fight for justice over a money settlement to keep mute any day! But then again, signing an out-of-court settlement while in an unstable state of mind is plausible. This brings us to the next point:

v. If Kathryn Mayorga is found to have spent some or all of the $375K on leisure and other personal projects, I would conclude that she lacks honesty even if it should be true that Cristiano Ronaldo raped her. Because, let’s face it, you have to choose what you want — justice or blackmailing the rapist for your personal gains? You can’t see rape as both a crime and an opportunity for fame or money and then cry foul.

Let’s imagine the following scenario: somebody commits a crime against you and pays you off to keep mute. You supposedly sign out of fear despite claiming that you’re not after the guilty person’s money. You then touch the settlement money to upgrade your lifestyle. Years later, you break the agreement by revealing the person’s name although you benefited from the money for things other than medical treatment.

Without excusing the despicable behavior of the offender in this scenario, you – the so-called victim – are also a dishonest person and cannot put yourself in the same category as real crime victims who would rather die poor than allow their dignity and fight for justice be bought with paper.

Or you can accept the money, use it as you like, and stick to the agreement which condemns you to permanent silence just like it’s the case with anonymous surrogate mothers. You cannot do both and possibly be taken seriously. On this note, I remain very curious about whether Kathryn Mayorga touched the $375,000 and what she used it for if she indeed touched it. This would tell a lot about the kind of woman she is — honest or dishonest?

Can Mayorga prove that she used the money — if she used it at all — for nothing other than her medical treatment?

I urge every person following the case to take their time and read every single word from Der Spiegel’s two articles dating from September 29, 2018:

Part 1: The Woman Who Accuses Ronaldo of Rape
Part 2: A Dangerous Document

According to these investigative reports from the German newspaper, a version of Cristiano Ronaldo’s statement confirms that the lady “said no and stop several times” but he apparently did not stop as he allegedly admits going all the way as the rape kit would later suggest. In other words, if it indeed happened that way, this is purely sexual assault and must in no way be condoned.

So will the Portuguese superstar come out of his silence to precisely deny saying exactly that? In a recent Instagram Live video, he dismissed the entire story, tagging it as “fake news”:

Again, will the Kathryn Mayorga saga remain the only rape case involving CR7 or will it further explode and gain huge momentum with other alleged victims suddenly coming out of their silence to accuse the five-time Ballon d’Or winner as a serial rapist?

“We know what we’re doing. We do this sort of thing…” Could this tweet below carry a double meaning linked to the theory that Der Spiegel are supposedly looking to sabotage Ronaldo’s image through fake reports?

And then there’s this tweet: “Too personal to become public”. Meanwhile, any sane person would agree that rape is rape and deserves to be punished regardless of who you are. Therefore, no competent lawyer would give such a response to counter accusations. Fail. If Der Spiegel are not accurately narrating the interaction, Ronaldo’s lawyer must come out to deny singling out “too personal to become public” as an excuse. If the lawyer cannot deny saying that, chances are Ronaldo is fully guilty.

The Mayorga-Ronaldo rape saga is about to take a serious turn with experienced lawyer Leslie Mark Stovall staging a legal war against Cristiano’s team of lawyers:

One thing to note is that raping someone is as horrendous as lying about having been raped. As the matter unfolds, the public should be given more information from all parties to know what exactly happened in the early hours of June 13 in Las Vegas, nine years ago, a few moments after a then 25-year-old model was rubbing her body on the dance floor against that of World Football’s most expensive transfer signing at the time. Until then, it would be prudent for observers to measure their words on this case with objectivity.

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