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Exciting volunteer opportunities are up for grabs at! Work for us. Apply now and you could join our team, Team CRD!

Maybe you spend too much time on social media engaging in arguments with your friends or total strangers. Maybe you’re glued to the internet watching videos, playing games and not doing much with your precious time. Or maybe you’re just thirsty for an opportunity in online media to unleash the genius in you! Well if you do, here’s the good news:

You can actually make something very constructive about all that passion and energy that you possess. You could use it to reach more people and in turn acquire valuable experience in the professional world. That’s when Team CRD comes in to support you!

Are you a die-hard Cristiano Ronaldo fan with a strong desire to share your fanaticism with the world? Do you also dream of growing in the field of online football journalism? If the answer is a big “YES”, fancy your chances of joining our vibrant team now!

Available internship roles to apply for:

  • Graphic designer (must be able to produce memes, wallpapers and infographics)
  • Twitter admins (must have your finger on the pulse)
  • Facebook admin & Writer
  • Instagram admin & Writer
  • Video editor (troll videos, ranking videos, etc)
  • Marketing Campaign manager

Internship requirements:

Duration: 4-6 months. Option for renewal.

Availability: To be determined. Being reachable daily and productive at least 4 days per week is a big plus.

Qualifications: Must be at least 13-years-old. Must have a good command of the English language. Must be enthusiastic, teachable and reachable. Must have regular access to the internet and electricity.

Benefits: Receive mentorship. Enjoy the experience of exhibiting team spirit. Acquire your author page with the right to promote your personal social media accounts and blogs on it. Receive a letter of recommendation from the CEO, upon request.

Additional benefits: Networking opportunities. Monthly gatherings with free food and drinks (if you are in Accra, Ghana).

Compensation: Unpaid for now. Possibility of being offered a remunerated long-term contract in future.

Work for!
Work for! Join Team CRD | Breathe 100% Ronaldo

Do it for the passion! Do it for your individual growth! Do it for Team CRD and other fans just like you! Are you game?

Email your CV and fresh samples of the type of work related to the role you’re applying for to


All the best!

– Team CRD | Breathe 100% Ronaldo