Home Safety for Seniors

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Home safety is very important for seniors. It is a good way to prevent them from getting hurt, especially if they live alone and cannot be helped immediately. These things can be implemented to prevent certain accidents and provide safety measures to best prepare for things to go wrong. 

Medical Alert System 

These are very important to have if the senior lives alone. This way if anything happens, medical professionals will be notified and can provide their assistance as soon as possible. It can also be helpful to have emergency numbers written down so that medical professionals can call family or caregivers. 

Non-slip Wax or Strips

Non-slip wax can be put on hardwood floors to prevent slipping. It can also provide a slight cushion to the flooring, which can prevent serious injuries if they were to fall. It is also beneficial in general as it provides some cushion for weak joints. As for the shower, you can put non-slip strips in the bathtub to get rid of the slippery surface, especially when it gets wet. 


Handrails are important to aid the senior when walking. It is safe to have them for areas that they need extra help, such as the stairs and in the bathroom. Put them on the side of the stairs to prevent tripping up or down them. Also put them in the bathtub and by the toilet to help them sit down. 

Good Lighting

As we get older, our eyesight starts to deteriorate. The depth perception is not as sharp and it is harder for us to see at night. Make sure the senior has well lit areas in their house. Lights can be added to certain areas like the stairs and hallways. It is also important for the light switch to be easily accessible if they need to turn it on at night. This can make all the difference in improving the lighting as they age. 

Remove Tripping Hazards 

Cords, rugs, and any low furniture can be a tripping hazard. Especially since their eyesight is not as good as it used to be, it will be hard to watch out for them when they are that low to the ground. Make sure they are out of the way and provide a clear path for them to walk. 

Have a Caregiver 

One of the most helpful things for a senior living alone is to have a caregiver if they have trouble doing things on their own. This way, if something were to happen, someone would always be there to aid them. The caregivers can make sure that the environment is safe for them as well. A senior that lives alone can also feel isolated and lonely, so having someone to keep them company can lift their spirits. Elderly care blackfoot, home care provider blackfoot can provide this for them. 


All of these things can ensure senior safety in one aspect or the other. It is important that we take these into consideration so that we can provide the best care for our elderly loved ones. 

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